Rodney Briggs, President of Maple Bear Global Schools Visits Dubai to Support the Rapid Expansion of the Nursery Chain in the UAE

Rodney Briggs, president of Maple Bear Global Schools with over 200 centres in 11 countries, will  be visiting  Dubai. Because of the success of the centres here, Maple Bear is working with Learning Curve Holdings to support their rapid expansion of a proven global early childhood nursery chain throughout the UAE.

Canada Day @Maple Bear UAE!

Maple Bear UAE celebrated Canada and all its glory on July 1st, 2015 with all the children and families. Also in attendance was The Consular General of Canada to Dubai. To mark the blessed month of Ramadan, the children prepared Ramadan Care Packages for the less fortunate in Dubai. A Love to Read session was held, followed by a parade. It was a spectacular event for all!


Welcome Maple Bear UAE!

Learning Curve Holdings, our new partner in the UAE, has a long history of leadership in the education sector in the Gulf region. Founder and Executive Director Basem Abu Dagga's late Grandfather was one of the first four teachers to come to the region in the early 1930's.

Maple Bear UAE

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